Sunday Service:

International Baptist Church

We begin Sunday morning with breakfast and coffee at 10:30AM. Our main meeting time is on Sunday morning at 11:00AM. We begin our Bible study by praying for one another and for the needs of the world around us. We believe that God will hear our prayers and help us live wisely. This time of prayer is followed by singing Christian songs. After we are finished praying and singing, we study the Bible together. By studying the Bible, we are confident that we will learn more about God, our relationship to Him, and how to do His will.

On occasion, following the Bible study, we have lunch together. This is a time when friendships are enjoyed and strengthened. The day is concluded with a short informational session.

Available Bible Studies

There are many ongoing Bible studies located throughout the city and are held at various times throughout the day.

Introductory Bible Survey

We offer a 12-session introductory course on the Bible. The goal of this course is to give an overview of the Bible and to provide information concerning how one may become a Christian. This Bible study is offered upon request and may be taken over the course of several months or several days, depending upon the scheduling needs of interested individuals. This course is offered as a one-on-one or group study.

God Membership Bible Study

This study prepares individuals for believer’s baptism. Six weeks in length, anyone who desires to understand believer’s baptism should enquire about this study.

Christian Living

This short course prepares the young Christian to successfully live the Christian life. It is offered upon requests.

English Conversational Partners

Several members of the International Baptist Fellowship are experienced at helping those who have English as their second language. If you would like help with your English, all you need to do is ask, and we will provide you with a language partner.

Social Events:

Our Bible study sponsors a number of activities, such as picnics, campouts, dinners, rock climbing and various celebrations or special services.

Personal Counseling:

The Bible is the most effective counseling book. We give hope to those who are in need through biblical counseling.